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SN No.11 GreenCompact Premium

Advantageous cradle design and bottom table position lead to reduced yarn break at high speed and to a consistent yarn value spindle-to-spindle.   More

10/05/2018, 10:41 AM

SN No. 21 GC-P Core

GreenCore is the add on unit to fit GC Green Compact to spin compacted core yarn. Green-Core components will match all of the com-mon basic core yarn systems available on the market. Please ask Rotorcraft...   More

10/05/2018, 10:39 AM

SN No. 23 GC Siro

We offer the Siro-upgrade-kit to fit all Green-Compact Premium assemblies for Rieter/LMW, PK or Yuhua/Changde drafting systems. By replacing compactors and deflector of your existing GC-P assembly you will be...   More


SN No.17 GreenCompact

GreenCompact 1.21 HDC for Cotton Compactors made of High-Density-Compound (HDC) combine top class compacting results with the capacity to withstand even rough handling. Compactors for different applications...   More


SN No. 22 OilCup

The answer to to oil change issue on todays frames.   More